Sync under the stars

For perfect couple stimulation!
C-shaped couple's vibrator that offers 10 and more stimulating vibration modes. The revised version of the couple's vibrator features an innovative Silky Touch surface made out of silicone. It adapts to the female anatomy perfectly and guarantees that the We-Vibe Sync always stays in place and doesn't need to be held. Controlling it is extremely easy via remote control or app. The vibrator can also be controlled over large distances via app and it also allows the creation of personalised vibration modes. The vibrations can also be synchronised with the rhythm of music. The Sync is delivered in a discreet storage case that also serves as a charging station for remote control and vibrator. The Sync is waterproof so a little bit of water won't stop the fun.

Complete length 7.5 cm, Ø 3-4.6 cm. Silicone.

Item number: 0598151 0000

Retail price: 189,00 €