womanizer Starlet

The mini version of the Womanizer for unbelievable orgasms - even on the go!

Just like the larger Womanizer models, the Womanizer Starlet will delight you with its pulsating pressure waves. These pressure waves will let you experience new, sensational feelings of pleasure. Once the Womanizer is placed on the clitoris, it will gently suck it into the opening and then provide contactless stimulation - overstimulation of the sensitive clitoris will be avoided. Enjoy a completely new experience of pleasure - you won't even need to accustom to the womanizer first. You will also be able to experience strong orgasms and multiple orgasms are even possible as well!

Press the button to turn on the Womanizer Starlet. You can then adjust the intensity of the pulsator's pressure waves to suit your needs. There are 6 intensity levels for your pleasure.

Thanks to its handy size and soft touch surface, the Womanizer Starlet fits comfortably in your hand. Its size also means that it can fit inside any handbag as well. This Womanizer weighs 70 g and is therefore lighter than a bar of chocolate - and it even helps you burn calories too!

The Womanizer Starlet can be recharged with the included Micro USB cable. An instruction manual in five languages is also included. The stimulation head is swappable and can be removed for cleaning. The Womanizer Starlet comes with a standard stimulation head (opening approx. 12 x 14 mm). The XL stimulation head (opening approx. 20 x 19 mm) can be ordered separately.

Size: 85 x 50 mm. Weight: 70 g. Material: silicone, ABS.

PLEASURE TIP: using a bit of water-based lubricant when using the Womanizer for specific clitoris stimulation will help it »move« more easily, which means that women will experience stronger, more sensual and more intense orgasms!

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Item number: 0590479 0000

Retail price: 99,00 €