Chorus by We-Vibe Purple

With biofeedback remote control and Touch-sense!
C-shaped couple's vibrator Chorus from We-Vibe that features 10 and more vibration modes. It is flexible and stays in position to adapt to the individual shape of the body. The new AnkorLink™ technology creates a connection to the remote control, which then connects to the couple's vibrator and works as a signal amplifier to make a better connection to the app possible. It is a brand-new technology that works more steadily and reliably than Bluetooth and makes sure that smartphone and sex toy are always connected. The remote control itself also has Squeeze Control to adjust the intensity of the vibrations by squeezing it. Chorus also features special receptors so that in Touch-sense mode it can be controlled by simply laying on the hand. The app lets the users control the toy remotely over large distances and they can also create custom vibration modes. The vibrations can also be synchronised to music. The Chorus comes in a discreet storage box that is also a charging station for the remote control and vibrator. Fun is possible anywhere with Chorus because it is waterproof. Includes a USB cable for the magnetic charger box.

Complete length 7.8 x 3.3 x 4.35 cm. Silicone with a PU coating.

Item number: 0598550 0000

Retail price: 199,00 €